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Chapter 1 Page 23

I've been working on this for months now, and I'm finally uploading it. I know my art isn't the prettiest style in the world but I feel like it will improve as time goes on. Description: The Creation Deity of all the Pokemon worlds is bored out of his mind. What does he do? Enforce scaredy cat, Krista, from a world where Pokemon is just a video game into a Pokemon world made real by the very programing of her Pokemon Platinum game. Her terms are simple: Defeat Cynthia. Unfortunately, Krista has absolutely no confidence and doesn't want to go. But when Arceus makes up his mind, there's no changing it...


March 30th, 2015, 6:17 am


Changing the Name of My Comic

I've explained this on Deviantart and the Nuzlocke forums. I don't like Believe in Yourself anymore. Back when this comic was going to be pure comedy with absolutely no seriousness involved, I didn't care that it had a silly name. But now that I've been adding serious elements along with the lightheartedness within the group (Except for Page 16 because of Gwen), I think the name should be changed. The name of this comic is now:

Point of No Return

The Point of No Return is where one cannot undo what has been done because it's either impossible or too dangerous. What Arceus had done to Krista is something she can't change, so her only bet is to press forward on her adventure and defeat Cynthia in order to return home. The outcome of Krista's journey can lead to two 'point of no returns' as well.

The good point of no return is where Krista has become brave and she can finally stand up for herself. This is where she will never return to being the timid crybaby we know now. She'll also revert back to her true form, and return home.

The bad point of no return is where Arceus does not keep his word, and Krista is trapped in the Pokemon World as Lucas forever. She'll never return to her true form, or return home.

Someone also mentioned that when a Pokemon dies, it can never be brought back. Which goes with the theme of the new title.

I'm kinda rambling on here, and I hope I explained my reasoning well. I don't like Believe in Yourself anymore, but I do prefer Point of No Return. I hope you don't mind the change.

Have a wonderful day!~


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